Buying a New iPad or iPhone? Here is What Not to Do with the Old One

If you have saved up some cash and are due for an upgrade, then you are probably wondering what to do with your old smartphone or tablet or even your phablet. You have a couple of different options, some of which are better than others.

You don’t want to throw your old device in the trash. For one, this is a total waste of money. It is also terrible for the environment. So much toxic waste is left every single year, and technology makes up a big portion of this now. A better option would be to try to sell it privately off a site such as Craigslist or wherever you feel safe, or to even sell it back to your provider. They might be able to sell it to their own customers once they refurbish it, hence allowing them to make a profit.

Don’t leave it in your house, unused, in a closet or a drawer. What is the point? It could benefit someone else. Donate it instead. There are always people who are in need, and you could help someone else out tremendously. Maybe you could donate your old smartphone to them, and it will eventually save them in an emergency. You weren’t using it anyway, right?

You have options if you are buying a new device and looking to get rid of your old one. Just don’t dump it in the trash or hide it away, leaving it to rot.

Great Apps for Kids

If you have kids, then you know how exhausting it can be to chase them around all day. Whether the day lounging at the pool turned into a high-energy adventure of hide and go seek or your trip to a local restaurant for lunch turned into a temper tantrum-fest, a surefire way to entertain your kids while you are trying to enjoy a quick meal or break is to let them play on your smartphone. So long as they are old enough to be careful with it, they are likely old enough to enjoy many of the game apps that are available. And there are a lot of them, indeed.

Here are some options:

There is a Frozen app similar to Candy Crush for very little kids. A 3 to 6 year old could be easily entertained by it – they will probably appreciate the bold, beautiful colors. For bigger kids, racing games might be more their speed – try Racers Versus Cops to start and then check out the other apps that come up for similar ideas. Even Trivia Crack can be entertaining and educational, as it can raise questions about historical information, philosophy and even art. Anyone of any age could enjoy it – kids could play along with their parents, and if they are old enough to read, they might be able to stay entertained themselves with it.
There are plenty of ways you can use your smartphone to entertain your kids! Who knew?

Choose the Right Smartphone

With Choices Galore, This Can Prove Challenging
Are you the type of person who keeps the same iPhone for years, even after it is long outdated? Do your friends make fun of you for having something “ancient” or are you one of the first people to buy new devices as they are released to the public? If you are interested in getting a new phone, whether it’s in your nature or not, you should know that you have a ton of options. It can be hard to decide.
What’s Best For You?
• iPhones are good for the person who enjoys multi-tasking and straightforwardness. There isn’t anything complicated about using an iPhone, whether it is old or new. Features such as Siri can basically walk you through anything you need and you can always find some sort of entertainment through the various apps that are available. Need directions? You can download an app such as Waze.
• Android devices offer a lot in terms of customization. Tae for instance the Samsung Galaxy S4 models (SGH-I337, SCH-I545, SPH-L720, SGH-M919, SCH-R970). They offer a decent sized screen and plenty of room to have things your way.
• If you have difficulty seeing at all, you might appreciate devices with larger screens, such as the newer iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 (A1549). Samsung Galaxy devices also offer good sized screens.
• Enjoy art? Drawing? Make you’d like a Samsung Note – the Note 2 (SGH-1317, SCH-1605, SGH -T889) is consistently ranked high amongst the creative crowd.
It pays to shop around. You have many choices – choose wisely if you plan on keeping your new phone for a while!

Software Updates – They’re Great, Until They Slow You Down

If you’re device is running slow, your update could be to blame.
Software updates are tempting to download – it’s hard to say no to the latest features to hit the market. However, sometimes the update isn’t totally necessary and can actually slow your speed performance down noticeably. This isn’t fun, especially if you lack patience when it comes to things being delayed in terms of sending messages, making calls and downloading information.
What happens?
Customers have claimed that it can literally take certain iPhone models (such as the iPhone 4) up to 30 seconds to unlock as a result of the iOS 7 update. This is something that many people just don’t have time to deal with, especially when they are paying a reasonable amount to use their device every month in the way that they want. Apple is renowned for providing quick communication, but on occasion, their updates can slow everything down.
Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, or even a phablet, you want it to work as fast as it can. No one wants to reboot their device every single day just so that it works at a decent speed. If you are in this boat, consider talking with Apple about your software update and determine if this was actually the problem. Having too many apps open can also slow you down, or having the brightness turned all the way up has been known to slow down processes. Make sure you check to see you are doing everything efficiently prior to blaming issues on software updates, but know that they can be problematic.

Do You Prefer Using a Pen Over Your Finger?

Buy Tablets/Phablets and Smartphones with Bigger Screens!
Maybe you’re a bit of a “germaphobe” who recognizes just how much bacteria can build up on a cell phone or tablet screen. After all, you do touch it nonstop, set it down on tables, put it on your bed…it’s bound to get dirty, even if you can’t see it. Or perhaps it’s just personal preference that you’d rather use a pen than your finger to send messages and look stuff up. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, your best bet might be a device with a bigger screen – which is certainly easy to find with the most recent devices to hit the market.
Think About These
The LG Flex Phablet is great for the person who is constantly on the go. Fly often? You can write on the 6 inch screen but take advantage of simple portability. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is another device that offers a bunch of space, with a screen just over 5 inches. The screen sizes of these devices make it so easy to use the pen to write down notes, write messages and even draw. Consider the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus too, which offer large screens and stellar voice recognition software. The larger screens make it easier for people who have vision problems to read, too. There are so many benefits!
Here are some model numbers to keep in mind- iPhone 6 (A1549, A1586), iPhone 6 + (A1522, A1524) and more! Have a look at what is available by searching online or speaking with your carrier.
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Economical Smartphone Choices
You Can Stay Up to Date Without Breaking the Bank
There are numerous options for those who want to have a reliable phone but don’t want to break the bank. The newest iPhones, for instance, can come with a high price tag, making them essentially unaffordable to the majority of the population. If you are in this boat, don’t worry – you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to buy a new smartphone for yourself or your kid. You can find ones that are reasonably priced. Have a look at this list of ideas for those who are working with a tight budget –
iPhone 3GS – Because this model is a bit older, you can get it for cheaper. Generally speaking, you should be able to find it for under $100 (A1303).
Samsung Intercept – This is another one you should be able to snag for under $100. It might be an older Android model, but, you can get it for a great deal.
Palm Pre Plus – It doesn’t necessarily compare to any of the newest devices to hit the market, but it’s an option to consider for a small price tag.
iPhone 4 (A1332)– Any time that you buy a device that’s been refurbished, you can expect to pay a much lesser price tag. You could easily expect to pay around $100 for this model, seeing as it is now getting to the point of being outdated.
There are many options if you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a good phone. Speak with your carrier and ask about refurbished devices if you want to snag a great deal, even possibly on a newer model.

Looking to Upgrade Your Phone?

The Time Might Be Now
If you are interested in upgrading or changing out your phone, then there are better times than others to do so. Research shows that you can predict, at least to a degree, good times to try to sell your old device to put away some cash for a new one, and good times to buy new devices. Have a look at some information here –
Consider annual expected release dates for smartphones. We don’t always know in advance when exactly a new phone or tablet will be released, but we can guess. For instance, many are speculating, based off past release dates, that the iPhone 7 will be released in September of 2016. So when is a good time to sell your current device? Well, if you want to make some extra cash to put towards an upgraded device, think about selling just before the new one will be released to the public. This way, you’ll have money set aside if you are looking to buy brand new.
Wait until the price of the new phone drops a bit. This generally happens within 6 months – you will see up to a 30% drop (on average) in price. So if you don’t have a huge chunk of change to spend right away and can afford to wait, think about doing so. At least for a few months. There are also promotions generally after the holidays, as businesses are attempting to get rid of devices that didn’t sell.
In a nutshell, wait until after the holidays or up to 6 months after a new phone or tablet is released if you want the best deal!

iPad Air 2 Screen Specs

High Standards, High Expectations

The iPad Air 2 has a lot going for it – it comes with an anti-reflective screen, a thin design, sharp cameras, cool features such as Touch ID and a faster A8X processor than its predecessors. There is a lot to be excited about if you have this device. You can do so much with it – it is no wonder that so many people want it or own it. It has a 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution and the screen has even better viewing angles than ever before. The images are bold and bright. It was clearly put together with a focus on incredibly high standards.

Get outside!

Say you want to use your iPad Air 2 while lounging out by the pool on a glorious summer day. The weather is getting better, after all. You don’t have to worry so much about glare from the sun, thanks to its anti-reflective screen. This is a great quality for the person who uses their device outside while enjoying some fresh air or lounging by a lake or a pool. With a battery that is supposed to last approximately 10 hours once it is fully charged, you really can’t go wrong if you enjoy being on-the-go with your tablet.

The iPad Air 2 has an amazing screen and some really cool features, which makes it an easy buy for those looking for an even better way to stay connected. Think about it if you are shopping for a different tablet.

Consider the Ultimate in Smartphones, Tablets and Phablets

What do you know about the LG G2?
As newer smartphones are being released, we are seeing more and more what experts are capable of with technology. And there is a lot of room to be impressed. Newer devices such as the LG G2 offer a thin body, rear-key placement, effectual power in terms of the battery, quality images, a screen that responds incredibly fast and specs that have been described as “top of the line.” This is a great way to describe the device.
So what are some of the benefits? Have a look at some features we have highlighted here –
Slide Aside
This allows you to view and use multiple apps at a time. You can tap the screen to go back and forth between the different apps. This certainly beats having to close out of one to go to another. Say you get a notification that someone messaged you on Facebook. Now, you don’t have to stop playing the game you are enjoying to view your message. You can just pause and go right back to it, fast.
Clip Tray
This is great for adding attachments to messages. Send a lot of emails with pictures and attachments? Then this is for you because you can paste multiple files at a time.
Have you seen the commercials where a person flicks on their lights using their phone? Have you heard that one can access their Blue-ray player using their smartphone or tablet? You can take advantage of this stellar remote feature with the LG G2! How awesome is that? Technology that we once only dreamed of is now available and can be had in the palm of our hands.
The LG G2 is absolutely epic. Check it out!
Model numbers include: LG D800, LG VS980, LG D801

The iPhone 6 – The Good, The Bad, The 411

What You Need to Know About The iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 was a highly anticipated phone and for good reason. Apple doesn’t seem to disappoint when it comes to impressing users tremendously. They certainly have a following of those who just love technology and want to stay on top of things, and the iPhone 6 allows them to do just that.
The Good
Boasting a 4.7-inch screen, this device is great for those who have limited vision and for those who simply use their screen a lot. A larger screen means it is easier to read and offers better quality imagery. The camera offers more when it comes to focusing and quality images than previous devices. The 6 is thin so it is easy and convenient to carry around, even though the screen is larger than its predecessors. There is better voice quality and even quicker WiFi. Really, the iPhone 6 impresses on so many different levels.
The Not So Good
The battery life is something that many have been complaining about. Fortunately, that’s about it. The iPhone 6 doesn’t have a whole lot of room for improvement, because it has been created with a whole lot of advanced technology and expertise, and it definitely shows.
If you haven’t tried it out yet for yourself, stop by your carrier’s store and have a look at the iPhone 6 (model number A1549). Or, go for a total phablet with the 6 Plus (model number A1522). The newest iPhone 7 might not come out until 2016, so it could be a good idea to upgrade if you haven’t yet tried out the latest 6 models. They come chock full of a whole lot of good, and very little to complain about.

Galaxy Note 3 Charger Port Problems and Solutions

Not Charged? Not a Problem!

If you have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, then it is entirely possible that you have found yourself being faced with charger port problems. People using the SM-N9005 have reported repetitively that their device stops charging, then works fine again days later, then the problem arises once again. The port could very well have a defect, and problems have been recognized by Samsung as a global issue. Does it feel loose when you plug in your device? Do you leave your Note 3 on the charger overnight, only to wake up to it vibrating because it keeps coming loose? If you find that your device isn’t fully charged upon having it plugged in for hours, then you have an issue.

Here is what you can do:

• Take your Galaxy Note 3 to your carrier. They should be able to fix the faulty component for you or provide you with a new one.

• Make sure there isn’t lint or dust in the charging port – sometimes this simple issue causes big problems.

• Visit a local third party repair shop. Charging port replacement usually isn’t an expensive service and it can generally be done the same day you visit the shop.

• Watch a YouTube video on how to fix the issue yourself – this can be time consuming, so if you are busy, consider the other options first.

The good news is that there are solutions to every problem that comes up. Technology might be getting better and better, but it certainly isn’t flawless.