Make Money for Old Smartphones!

You have an old iPhone sitting in a drawer that you never use. Its screen is actually in decent condition and it works well. The only real issue is that it is a bit scratched up, but it doesn’t affect the overall functionality of the device. You don’t plan on using it ever again, though, because you recently purchased the iPhone 5c. So what do you do with your old device? It seems like there is a better solution than just allowing it to collect dust in the drawer. Well, there is a better solution! Read on for more information.

You can sell your old iPhone or any other old cell phone for some extra pocket cash. Even if you don’t believe that the device is usable at all, it is sure to have parts that could be used by professionals. The best thing to do is do a quick online search for “sell old iPhone” or “make money for old iPhone”. You are sure to find sites that allow you to mail your device in. They will even walk you through how to package it if you are only going to be mailing in specific parts. You can also take a look at a local repair shop in your area. Generally, they will be able to give you a very accurate price estimate of how much money they can give to you. They will know which parts are useful to them. They will be able to assess the condition of the mobile phone very quickly. Even if you only get a few bucks, this certainly beats just leaving your iPhone to sit in a drawer unused. It beats throwing it in the garbage and contributing to toxic waste. Recycle, save the planet and make extra money by selling off your old mobile phone for extra money. This is a very useful idea for those who don’t like just throwing things away.

Hunting For A Trustworthy Repair Shop

The glass screen of the iPhone, and of course the LCD, are very sensitive parts of the iPhone. For that reason, you need to take added care in using your iPhone so that you can evade any reparations being needed for the LCD or the glass. The glass screen of your iPhone is just like other glass. It can get fragmented, wrecked, broken, or crushed when dropped or hit against any hard exterior. Just in case you drop your iPhone, you can be sure that that glass screen will get crushed. And so you should always be vigilant as to not drop your iPhone. However, as you already know, we cannot really avoid accidents all of the time, so in the future, your iPhone just might fall or crack. When that occurs, bring it to a qualified repair shop right away so that the knowledgeable technicians can substitute the broken glass before you acquire injuries. Did you know that your LCD can also be damaged when your glass screen is broken? This is one reason why you should bring your gadget to the experts immediately.

Looking for a trustworthy repair company to repair your broken LCD screen is not very hard to accomplish. Also, there are various factors to consider when deciding on an upright repair shop for your iPhone. You can, of course, check and browse online and you can quickly be connected with the best iPhone repair shops that are operational in your area. Right now, one can find virtually all kinds of information on the internet and iPhone repair is among the many services that you can come in contact with. Nevertheless, you have to be aware that a short time online can turn up plentiful iPhone repair establishments in your region. So you have to be certain that you elect the one that is most trustworthy so that you can get a decent price for a top rate repair service. Several iPhone repair shops can require customers to pay extraordinary rates and the superiority of repairs can also vary. The best action to take is to pick the iPhone repair company after considering the years of experience that their experts have in iPhone repair services and make sure that they have a good reputation.