iPhone 6 and Samsung S5

The big battle between phones right now is between Apple’s iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, iOS and Android. The first things that most consumers want to compare is design. In this arena the S5 and the iPhone have some obvious differences. The Galaxy S5 is thicker than the iPhone. It comes in at 8.1 mm which while the iPhone is only 6.9 mm. The variation is minimal but it is noticeable. The Galaxy also comes house in a soft plastic back and includes water resistance. The iPhone is the typical anodized aluminum that is trademark to the Apple brand and offers no water resistance whatsoever.
Handling is also a major factor with these two phones. The iPhone is easier to hold, its 2mm thinner and 5mm narrower making it a better fit in the hand. However, the aluminum casing does make it slicker without a case, but the larger S5 feels more difficult to remove from pockets. While Samsung did upgrade the S5 from the previous S4 casing, the body is still uncomfortable to hold for long periods.
When it comes to the screens both phones have great visuals. The Galaxy has a 5.1 inch AMOLED display with pin sharp full HD at 1920 x 1080 and 432 ppi meaning you will have perfect blacks. The iPhone comes equipped with an IPS LCD screen with 1334 x 750 and 326ppi. These screens are known to excel at brightness, viewing the screen at angles, and enhanced color accuracy. Which one of these you prefer will really depend on personal preference as both are excellent.
One of the biggest decision makers obviously comes down to performance. When looking at the specs alone the Samsung is the clear standout and on the page should be much more powerful than the iPhone, in fact, it should be twice as powerful. However, when compared through actual performance the iPhone can stand side by side with the Galaxy S5 and performs just as well. In the end the iPhone 6 actually responds faster than the S5 and feels faster during use which actually comes down to the phones software. The S5 runs on Android with a TouchWiz interface, this extra software adds extra time to actions making it feel slower. This extra time wouldn’t be a problem except it is actually noticeable in day to day use.
In the end both phones are amazing and the one you select will depend a lot on your personal style and preferences. Both are great and you won’t go wrong with either.

iPhone 6 and LG G3

Both the iPhone 6 and the LG G3 offer the exact same screen size, so which one is the best choice? There are a lot of similarities between these two phones but there are also plenty of differences.
The iPhone 6 and the LG G3 both have 5.5 inch screens which put them in the phablet category with many other popular phones that are hitting the market. The iPhone comes complete with full HD 1080 p resolution with 401 ppi but it just can’t compare to the Quad HD display on the LG at 1440 x 2560 with an impressive 534 ppi. If you want a screen that gives the crispest, clearest visuals then the LG is obviously a broad step ahead.
When it comes to design the iPhone 6 is thinner than its predecessor and comes in at a miniscule 7.1mm. The LG G3 is still plenty thin itself but is slightly larger than the iPhone at 9.1 mm. However, when it comes to weight the LG wins coming in at 149 g vs. 172 g. Neither weight is worth scoffing at but the LG is quite a bit lighter.
Handling can be extremely important in a phone. Having a phone that is difficult to hold can often mean damaging or breaking the phone when you drop it. While the iPhone 6 offers a nice thin size, overall the LG G3 is more economic and easier to manage. The main difference can be found in the height and the bezels that LG has put into the phone. Holding it simply feels more secure than the iPhone.
Both of the phones come in a variety of colors but the iPhone comes with an aluminum uni-body body that feels sturdier and more durable. The LG G3 has a “metal effect” from their metallic skin that covers the rear plastic cover but clearly if it’s a choice between metal and plastic there’s a clear winner.
The processors on these two phones vary quite a bit and the LG with its 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor would seem to outpace the 64-bit A8 chip in the iPhone, yet it somehow doesn’t. When the phones were tested against one another the iPhone plus managed to outpace the LG but it should be noticed that the differences are so small that in practical use they would be unnoticeable. Both phones will perform seamlessly and to the practical user there will be no noticeable difference whatsoever.

How New Software Updates can slow down your Device

Most of us update our phones feeling that it is the necessary and best thing to do. If there is a new update there must be a reason and therefore we need it. However, occasionally after these updates we find that our phones are in fact running worse, they seem to have slowed down and we don’t know why.
Of course we want the newest and best operating system on our phone but in fact this may be more harmful than good. As new operating systems come out they are designed to work best with the newest phones on the market. If you happen to have an older phone, particularly more than 2 years old, this can cause a problem. In some cases the phone seems bad enough that a customer will run out and buy a new one.
The fact is that the new operating systems take up more space, have more features, and need more power to run. These are things that the newest phones have plenty of space for, while older phones unfortunately do not. Yet, it is important to remember that new software slowing down old hardware is nothing new. Electronics age very quickly and simply can’t handle new updates over time.
As new operating system updates arrive, so too do your apps and everything else want to update to be compatible with the new OS. This means that everything on your phone will take up more space and become harder for your older phone to run. This is why things start to seem slower and more sluggish. There are some things that can be done to help. Delete the apps and other items on your phone that you do not use regular. Get rid of extra videos and photographs. All those extras aid in slowing the phone.
The biggest and most beneficial fix for older phones will be to simply not download the newest updates. I know this can seem counterintuitive for those that want to stay up to date and feel they may be missing out on the newest and best. However, if you want your phone to continue functioning in a way you enjoy. Feel free to continue getting the smaller updates but steer clear of the largest, such as switching to iOS 8, and your 2 year old phone will continue to run as it always has. Once you reach the point that critical apps no longer function without the update, then you’ll have to cave.

Why Android Phones Are Best For Those Who Like To Customize

When you’re looking for a phone with the ability to be customized, you just can’t beat an android phone. You can change home screens, keyboards, icons, wallpapers, the list is nearly endless. When it comes to customization, android simply can’t be beat.
Let’s face it, when it comes to customization most just want to be able to turn their home screen into one that fits their personality. With an android phone this is simple and can be done in a multitude of ways. First, install a new launcher. The launcher is essentially an apt that will take care of launching apps on your home screen. Each launcher will have a unique layout and functionality depending on what you’re wanting. Try and few and pick the one that’s your favorite.
Next we move along to icon. Yep, you can even change the icons. Some of your favorite apps have so-so icons that you don’t love, or maybe the mismatch clutter just drives you nuts. With an icon pack you can select one that will change all of your app pictures into a unified theme. There is a wide variety to select from so you’re guaranteed to find the one that you think suites you and your phone perfectly.
If you’re really courageous you can toss your old wallpaper in the trash bin and opt for a live wallpaper instead. It’s not uncommon to change a wallpaper regularly because a static image becomes boring over time. With a live wallpaper you’ll have a look that is unique and interesting. Of course these can be changed regularly too but it’s certainly much less boring than a flat image. As a bonus the live wallpapers hardly use any battery power so you won’t have to worry about draining your phone.
One of the best aspects of the android phone is the ability to alter the lock screen. You can change the settings so that you can use some of the options on your phone without having to constantly unlock. A lock screen widget will allow you to decide what is displayed on the lock screen. Certainly some of your phone needs to remain behind the lock but some functions don’t require it and not having to unlock all the time can make life a whole lot more convenient.
In addition to the other alterations you can also prolong your battery life by disabling vibrations, and background battery hogging apps so that you have plenty of battery life when you need it.