Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About iPhone 6

Apple does a tremendous job at creating devices that are absolutely explosive in popularity. With each smartphone they release, they have a lot to live up to, because people have high expectations. Here, we will provide non-biased, significant details about the iPhone 6 (model A1549), which was released amongst a great deal of hype, anticipation and publicity. Here’s what you need to know…
What to Like
The stellar screen is actually 4.7 inches, which is absolutely phenomenal for anyone who has limited vision and difficulty reading on a small screen; and for anyone who loves to use their smartphone frequently for reading or even drawing, this device is seemingly perfect. Less strain on the eyes is a huge benefit, and quality images with unparalleled clarity is something that users are sure to appreciate. The voice quality/Siri feature is top-notch, and the speed of the WiFi can’t be ignored.
What People Don’t Like
There is a shorter than expected battery life on this device, which can be annoying to users. However, there are so many pros to the iPhone 6 that it is very difficult not to like it. If you like staying up to date, then it’s worth a look.
Anyone who hasn’t stopped by a Sprint, Verizon, Apple or AT&T store to try it out should certainly do so. Go in with high expectations, because the iPhone 6 is an awesome device that is hard not to love.