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What do you know about the LG G2?
As newer smartphones are being released, we are seeing more and more what experts are capable of with technology. And there is a lot of room to be impressed. Newer devices such as the LG G2 offer a thin body, rear-key placement, effectual power in terms of the battery, quality images, a screen that responds incredibly fast and specs that have been described as “top of the line.” This is a great way to describe the device.
So what are some of the benefits? Have a look at some features we have highlighted here –
Slide Aside
This allows you to view and use multiple apps at a time. You can tap the screen to go back and forth between the different apps. This certainly beats having to close out of one to go to another. Say you get a notification that someone messaged you on Facebook. Now, you don’t have to stop playing the game you are enjoying to view your message. You can just pause and go right back to it, fast.
Clip Tray
This is great for adding attachments to messages. Send a lot of emails with pictures and attachments? Then this is for you because you can paste multiple files at a time.
Have you seen the commercials where a person flicks on their lights using their phone? Have you heard that one can access their Blue-ray player using their smartphone or tablet? You can take advantage of this stellar remote feature with the LG G2! How awesome is that? Technology that we once only dreamed of is now available and can be had in the palm of our hands.
The LG G2 is absolutely epic. Check it out!
Model numbers include: LG D800, LG VS980, LG D801