Galaxy Note 3 Charger Port Problems and Solutions

Not Charged? Not a Problem!

If you have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, then it is entirely possible that you have found yourself being faced with charger port problems. People using the SM-N9005 have reported repetitively that their device stops charging, then works fine again days later, then the problem arises once again. The port could very well have a defect, and problems have been recognized by Samsung as a global issue. Does it feel loose when you plug in your device? Do you leave your Note 3 on the charger overnight, only to wake up to it vibrating because it keeps coming loose? If you find that your device isn’t fully charged upon having it plugged in for hours, then you have an issue.

Here is what you can do:

• Take your Galaxy Note 3 to your carrier. They should be able to fix the faulty component for you or provide you with a new one.

• Make sure there isn’t lint or dust in the charging port – sometimes this simple issue causes big problems.

• Visit a local third party repair shop. Charging port replacement usually isn’t an expensive service and it can generally be done the same day you visit the shop.

• Watch a YouTube video on how to fix the issue yourself – this can be time consuming, so if you are busy, consider the other options first.

The good news is that there are solutions to every problem that comes up. Technology might be getting better and better, but it certainly isn’t flawless.