iPad Air 2 Screen Specs

High Standards, High Expectations

The iPad Air 2 has a lot going for it – it comes with an anti-reflective screen, a thin design, sharp cameras, cool features such as Touch ID and a faster A8X processor than its predecessors. There is a lot to be excited about if you have this device. You can do so much with it – it is no wonder that so many people want it or own it. It has a 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution and the screen has even better viewing angles than ever before. The images are bold and bright. It was clearly put together with a focus on incredibly high standards.

Get outside!

Say you want to use your iPad Air 2 while lounging out by the pool on a glorious summer day. The weather is getting better, after all. You don’t have to worry so much about glare from the sun, thanks to its anti-reflective screen. This is a great quality for the person who uses their device outside while enjoying some fresh air or lounging by a lake or a pool. With a battery that is supposed to last approximately 10 hours once it is fully charged, you really can’t go wrong if you enjoy being on-the-go with your tablet.

The iPad Air 2 has an amazing screen and some really cool features, which makes it an easy buy for those looking for an even better way to stay connected. Think about it if you are shopping for a different tablet.