Software Updates – They’re Great, Until They Slow You Down

If you’re device is running slow, your update could be to blame.
Software updates are tempting to download – it’s hard to say no to the latest features to hit the market. However, sometimes the update isn’t totally necessary and can actually slow your speed performance down noticeably. This isn’t fun, especially if you lack patience when it comes to things being delayed in terms of sending messages, making calls and downloading information.
What happens?
Customers have claimed that it can literally take certain iPhone models (such as the iPhone 4) up to 30 seconds to unlock as a result of the iOS 7 update. This is something that many people just don’t have time to deal with, especially when they are paying a reasonable amount to use their device every month in the way that they want. Apple is renowned for providing quick communication, but on occasion, their updates can slow everything down.
Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, or even a phablet, you want it to work as fast as it can. No one wants to reboot their device every single day just so that it works at a decent speed. If you are in this boat, consider talking with Apple about your software update and determine if this was actually the problem. Having too many apps open can also slow you down, or having the brightness turned all the way up has been known to slow down processes. Make sure you check to see you are doing everything efficiently prior to blaming issues on software updates, but know that they can be problematic.